Debt Mediation, also known as Debt Relief, is a financial service where negotiations take place with creditors to settle accounts based on financial hardship. The process allows for a consumer to resolve debts for significantly less than what is owed and in a fraction of the time.



The process begins when we accept you, our client, into our program. You will then begin depositing money into an FDIC insured Special Purpose Account. The purpose for this account is to accumulate the necessary funds to settle your enrolled accounts. You will full access and control over your account at all times. As the funds are accumulated in this Special Purpose Account, we will begin contacting your lenders to negotiate reduced settlements. The negotiations process takes time as there must be incentive on the creditors’ behalf in order for a settlement to be achieved. Patience and persistence are critical and here at USA Debt Aid, we are very persistent. Once a settlement has been agreed upon, you will be notified, and upon your agreement to the settlement terms, the funds will be transferred from your Special Purpose Account directly to your creditor. Once payment is made and the settlement is finalized, we will request a settlement in full letter and an update to the credit bureau to reflect the new account status. This process continues until all of your accounts have been satisfied. Please review the sample settlement letters below.


We offer a Legal Services Plan as an added layer of protection from creditor harassment and legal proceedings.